Whether or not the recent ups and downs of our economy have afflicted you personally, remodeling your kitchen is a wise choice for your investment. You may think you can’t afford a new kitchen or master bedroom suite, but property’s with cookie-cutter kitchens and white washed bathrooms can damper your enthusiasm in your own living space. Remodeling your existing living space, adding an outdoor patio area, or “freshening up” a hall bathroom can add real difference in your daily enjoyment in your home now, not to mention the prospective benefits added when you do decide to sell, rent or lease and move.

Timothy Parks Construction, Inc.

Timothy Parks Construction, Inc.
Remodeling Expert Orlando FL
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Remodeling your kitchen is an thrilling but often slightly stressful journey. At Timothy Parks Construction, Inc., our goal is to make your remodeling process as simple and easy as possible. We try to minimize the hindrance to your daily family life, so you can enjoy the changes you’re making to your home. We do this by corresponding frequently with you, setting and sticking to budgets, timelines, respecting your time, specifications, and house.

Residential Remodeling includes:
o Kitchen areas
o Baths
o Additions
o Back yard Kitchens
o Structural Maintenance
o Visual Update
o Home Interior and External Painting
o Home window Complete Replacement
o Exterior door Replacements
o Energy Conserving Upgrades
o Attic Insulation
o Electricity Audits


A refreshed coat of paint on your kitchen takes very very little effort and will make it stand out.. Inside or outside, areas that need painting (or repainting) may need special paint preparation. You may select a bright new color finish to paint an accent wall. You may showcase areas (like the front porch or recreation room) with certain light or fun color designs. Give your kitchen or company an individual feeling today. Is your kitchen or office in dire need of a new coat of paint? Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. will prep, texture and paint it!

How about removing a dividing wall structure and increasing the size of the dining room?

What about taking out that faded tub in the kid’s previous bathroom and introducing in a nice tiled shower to use when company come in from out of town?

There are so many options when it comes to re-picturing your property’s potential we could never list them all.

We would love the opportunity to talk about your ideas today, so give us a call and see what Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. can do for you. Call 407-610-6771

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